Good ol’ Journalistic Balance

October 8, 2010

I don’t know if many people have seen this yet. If not, float along to and have a read. It’s a link to the Daily Mail website, and a column debated whether Druidry is a real religion.

Horrible discrimination aside, the article somewhat amused me. “A bunch of eccentrics who annually dress up in strange robes” could quite easily refer to any other religion, in the case of Christianity the word “annually” would need to be replaced with “weekly” and “eccentrics” would frequently need to be replaced with “Child Molesters.”

“Elevating them to the same status as Christianity is but the latest example of how the bedrock creed of this country is being undermined.” This part resulted in no small number of chuckles from me. It was said, earlier in the column: “Druids have been regarded indulgently as a curious remnant of Britain’s ancient past.” In other words, Druids were here first.

As for Christianity being the “bedrock creed” of the country, it’s nice to see the Daily Mail, a newspaper frequently bemoaning immigration, happily promoting a religion from the Middle East, rather than something home grown in Britain.

But one thing stood out most for me in the whole stinking terrible jumble of words phlegmed up by Melanie: “For it is all of a piece with the agenda by the oh-so politically correct Charity Commission to promote the fanatical religious creed of the Left — the worship of equality.”

Is equality a terrible thing now? Or is Melanie Philips so upset that somebody disagrees with her chosen religion that she’s willing to attack a group of people whose creed consists almost entirely of “Be nice to people and make sure the plants are watered.” Advice often given to children by followers of pretty much every religion known to man.


One Response to “Good ol’ Journalistic Balance”

  1. Brawny Says:

    To paraphrase yourself Mr Flanagan… It’s the Daily Mail. What did you expect?

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