A few observations

January 8, 2011

So hanging around in the box under my desk, along with dust, Xbox detritus, old copies of entertaining magazines, and Emily, is my notepad of ideas. These thus far haven’t been worthy of a post all to themselves, but here are a few things I’ve noticed in the last year or so.

Little things in games: Lately I’ve spent a lot of time adjusting how I see video games, and what makes, in my mind, a good game. Storyline is vital, but little details are good too. Bioshock had this down quite well, with things like the Plasmid instruction videos (see here) as well as the various things dotted around Rapture, one particular favourite being the man and wife you find in a ruined apartment, an empty pill bottle lying abandoned next to their still bodies. It’s things like this which upgrade a game from being fun (for example Borderlands) to great, such as Bioshock.

Sexism in adverts: There’s an advert dicking about on TV at the moment, where two women with a cold talk about their woes, how one needs to get little Timmy to his rat hunting class while the other has her two children fighting to the death with pitchforks. Then the caption comes up (Something along the lines of “Because you need to do all the work” referring to men being useless apparently). This gets on my nerves somewhat, as the alternative advert wouldn’t get shown.

Dave: Alright Geoff!
Geoff: Alright Dave!
Dave: Gotta pick up a few things.
Geoff: Where’s the missus?
Dave: Not doing it because she’s useless and ill.

This probably wouldn’t get shown.

Music has got a bit shit: One of the best albums of 2010 was Katie Melua’s “The House”. Enough said.

Talking about coalition government: This is not a meaningful expression. The true way of phrasing this would be “The Conservative government, plus the boy who makes the tea.”

Facebook: Apparently the most important thing in our society at the moment. This is kinda hypocritical of me as I use it myself, but I’m sure there are much better things we can be doing. Like setting fire to new phones.

New phones: Things like iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, that bollocks. Anybody who has one of these overpriced bastard things almost certainly spends 80% of their time awake playing with it. Those who are without are left slowly drinking their pints in quiet contemplation of how satisfying it would be to take a hammer to the communication equivalent of Fisher Price, and considering taking up smoking as standing alone outside is somehow more social.

Michael Bublé: He has no soul. He’s been called the “Heir to Sinatra.” Only if he is inheriting a blocked up toilet bowl after Frank had one too many Martini’s the night before. But, technically good he may be, he has no soul, no feeling in his singing. It’s like a Coldplay themed musical.