Krista Green – Portsmouth Hoy 27/04/12

May 4, 2012

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Krista Green is one of the nicest people in the known world. Slightly behind Michael Palin in fact.
She specialises in soft, gentle, poppy folk, has a voice as soft as a marshmallow massage, and sings about love and peace and general happiness.This makes it very difficult to say anything bad about her, but thankfully that’s not needed as she is incredibly good at what she does.
Friday night’s gig at the Portsmouth Hoy was one of the stronger ones she’s played, showcasing a mix of original music and covers, all of which seemed perfectly chosen. There were some definite stand-out moments however, including spot on covers of The Black Keys’ “Tighten Up”, All Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” and Free’s “Alright Now”, the last of which had the crowd abandoning their pints to join in.
Krista’s main strength however, lies in the quality of her original songs, which have lyrics more akin to poetry than pop songs, for example “Cherry Pie”, which is as sweet as a vat of Smarties, and the heartbreaking “Barry’s Song”, which could have the most cynical individuals needing a few moments to compose themselves.
An old hand of the local scene in Bournemouth, she performs with an understated confidence, allowing her natural, somewhat ditzy personality to shine through while she talks to the crowd. 
It might have been thought that the Portsmouth Hoy would be a bad venue for Krista. It has to be said that she’d fit in better playing some sunny outdoor stage while hippie girls make daisy chains and beatnik boys try to distract them, but she wins most of the venue with little trouble, even getting the hard drinking tattooed dudes at the bar to stop talking about rugby and birds, and have a bit of a singalong instead. 

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